Warc beam
a_a_warc_1 a_a_warc_2

The Warc beam laying in the garden

Me using silicone kit to make things waterproof

a_a_warc5 a_a_warc4
de onderdelen

Disassembling the antennas..

Parts of the 2el. Ultrabeam 6-40 m.

boom op de mast
boom op de mast2

Boom on the towerpipe

View from the other side

de onderdelen2

All what is needed to replace  the full size 2 el. 20-15-10 and the 2 el fullsize  WARC beam

de boom

Boom is only 1.60 meters long

eerste deel

First part assembled

mijn ultrabeam

On the left the result. The yagi you see is my 5 elements for 6 meters